News & Events
We need to Fast and Pray!  We need the Lord to do what only He can do with the virus, the riots, and the election. Every Thursday until the election, fast and pray for our community, our church, and our country.
You can either:
  • refrain from all meals
  • or – refrain from certain meals
  • or – refrain from all media and news
  • or – something else between you and the Lord.
Fast and pray all day Thursday until after our 6pm service.  After the service, break the fast until the next Thursday morning and do it again.  Or – fast the way you need to.  The point is to abstain from something in order to spend more time praying instead.
Are we living in the end times?  This year, it seems so!  But what does the Bible really say about the end times?  Are there signs?  What will happen?  Join us every Thursday at 6pm as we study what the Bible says about the last days!  This study will be open for questions after each session.
We are finally going to celebrate God’s goodness for 5 wonderful years!
We will have a special service followed by a nice dinner.  Special commemorative gift for each person in attendance.  Sign up in person, or via email or text.  Please tell us how many people will attend and what main dish, side, salad, dessert, or beverage you will bring.
Safety practices for the dinner:
  • Hot food may be prepared at home, but must be brought in a crock-pot, or electric roaster in order to keep food above 167 degrees. A host or hostess will wear a mask and gloves and plate whichever foods you request.
  • Cold sides and salads must be store bought and unopened.  The host or hostess will wear a mask and gloves and open and serve the cold food. 
Per state guidelines, you may sit at a table with anyone you wish, but tables will be separated by 6 feet of distance.
We look forward to celebrating with you!